An easy way to organize your Business Finances! First National Bank is proud to offer Web Connect to download account information into Intuit's QuickBooks small business software versions 2005 - 2009, which gives you the power to manage your business more effectively.

Web Connect Quickbooks export through the First National Bank's Online Banking allows many benefits including but not limited to the following:

  • No manual data entry - Once you're set up, you can download all of your transactions right into QuickBooks - instead of typing them in by hand.
  • Automatically reconcile data - Web Connect data includes complete transaction and balance information to make categorization and account reconciliation easy.
  • No duplicate transactions - Web Connect incorporates a special transaction matching algorithm that prevents the download of duplicate transactions.

In addition to offering Web Connect to download account information into Intuit's QuickBooks we offer the ability to download account information into Quicken versions 2006 and earlier, as well as Microsoft Money.

Please be advised Quicken downloads are NOT compatible with versions 2007-to present. Also, after suspending their annual updates of Microsoft Money in 2008, Microsoft ended sales of Microsoft Money on June 30, 2009 and will no longer be producing or providing updates to the product. However, with the newest version you will be able to use the service until January 31, 2011. As you explore your options for replacement of Microsoft Money, please be reminded for your convenience we offer a user friendly alternative, Web Connect, which supports Intuit’s personal and business software QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is a registered trademarks of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q What do I need to start downloading my statement?

Sign into your online banking account and export.

Q Where do I go to export my transactions from Online Banking?

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Click on the account information
  3. Click on export button
  4. Choose an account you wish to export
  5. Choose the date range you wish to export
  6. Choose the file type you wish to download, QBO for QuickBooks
  7. Click Download Data
  8. When prompted to Open or Save the file, click Open
  9. QuickBooks will automatically open and update account information

Q I exported my transactions from Online Banking and nothing happened?

Sometimes, when you download transactions from your banking Web site, your Web browser saves it as a file on your hard drive instead of opening it in QuickBooks.

When this happens, you can manually import the file into QuickBooks:

  1. Locate the .QBO file on your hard drive and note where it is.
  2. In QuickBooks, choose File > Utilities > Import > Web Connect Files.
  3. Navigate to the .QBO file and select it.
  4. Click Open.

QuickBooks processes the file.

Q What does "Import File" mean?

A text file that transfers list, budget, and transaction data to a QuickBooks company file. An import file must conform to a specific structure for QuickBooks to interpret the data in the file correctly.

You can also use an export file that you created with QuickBooks Export command as a way to import data to another QuickBooks company. Export files conform to the same internal structure as import files. The only difference is that QuickBooks can't add transaction data to an export file. If you want the file to contain transaction data, you must edit it yourself.