Each year senior students are encouraged to apply for the First National Bank of Pana, Senior of the Year Program. Nine students are chosen throughout the year as Student of the Month by a Teacher Selection Committee at Pana High School.

The students are chosen based on criteria where their grade point average, school/church/community activities, an essay, teacher recommendations and teacher vote each represent a percentage of their final score. Each Student of the Month is awarded a certificate and a $50.00 check from First National Bank of Pana.

The Senior of the Year is selected from the Senior of the Month winners. A Final Selection Committee comprised of local community members, none of which are affiliated with First National Bank of Pana, choose the recipient based on personal interviews.

The Senior awarded the Senior of the Year title is gifted a scholarship check in the amount of $1500 to use toward their ongoing education.

For over 20 years First National Bank of Pana has relied on the Teacher Selection Committee and Final Selection Committee to provide an unbiased and objective evaluation of many successful students. If you are interested in applying to be a part of the First National Bank of Pana Senior of the Year Program please contact your Pana High School guidance counselor.

Katelyn TownsendSenior of the Year, Class of 2021


Senior of the Month

Name Year Month
Jaxon Rhoades 2022 March
Rachel Holthaus 2022 February
Drew Hackler 2022 January
Austin Karbach 2021 December
Grace Fitzpatrick 2021 November
Lauren Phillips 2021 October
Kadence Perry 2021 September
Brianna Sarver 2021 May
Gabriel Wafford 2021 April
Carsen Sims 2021 March
Jessica Gruber 2021 February
Katelyn Townsend 2021 January
Boone Elledge 2020 December
Shelby Edwards 2020 November
Adelyne Deere 2020 October
Brock Schoonover 2020 September
Olivia Schmitz 2020 May
Natalie Stauder 2020 April
Kacey Swisher 2020 March
Jonah Lauf 2020 February
Jacob Beyers 2020 January
Anna Gould 2019 December
Danielle Bieber 2019 November
Trey Patton 2019 October
Quinton Perry 2019 September
Rachel Welburn 2019 May
Lauren Stalets 2019 April
Emily Kuhn 2019 March
Maddie Rowley 2019 February
Shania Schoonover 2019 January
Lucas Duduit 2018 December
Sarah Lin 2018 November
Josie Pauley 2018 October
Emma Dilley 2018 September